Greenbush Annex

We always make a few trips up to Michigan's Harbor Country during the summer months. Early this summer we made a trip up and my husband suggested stopping at Greenbush Brewing Company in Sawyer, Michigan. We hadn't been there at all last year, so it had been probably two years or so since our last stop there.

It was a Friday evening when we came down the main street in Sawyer and while we expected it to be a little busy, the place was packed and there were groups of people waiting outside to get in. We noticed across the street there was a new place called "Greenbush Annex" with an outdoor area that was also jam packed. We figured we'd move onto New Buffalo or Three Oaks for a drink and made a mental note to make our next visit on a weeknight.

So, the next time around we were there on a Thursday in early August. We came by late in the afternoon not expecting a big crowd, but again the crowd was huge. We decided to park and at least take a peek at how long the wait was. The brewery was packed, so we decided to walk over to the annex. Our boys were with us, so we thought we'd perhaps get an appetizer to share and hubby and I would share a flight before heading to Redamak's for dinner.

The Annex was crowded outside on the lovely summer day, but we noticed that there was a counter inside where there were enough spots for us. Hubby and I got a couple of the 6 ouncers to try. At the Annex they've got about 14 beers on tap and they offer charcuterie boards and grilled sausages made especially for the brewery. You can never go wrong with Star Chicken Shotgun. Hubby also tried Juice Box Hero. Thumbs up on both accounts. They also carry bottled beers there, some local products and they even had some produce that came from Greenbush farms.

The patio area is a nice casual beer garden where you can also play bocce or bean bags and just chill with family or friends on a beautiful Michigan summer day. No wonder it draws such big crowds. We hope to get back there again before Fall moves in and sang a spot outdoors and try some of their sausages and charcuterie.

Greenbush Brewery and Greenbush Annex
5885 Sawyer Road
Sawyer, Michigan
(269) 405-1076