Simple Stir Fry

On a recent summer afternoon, with a fridge full of some fresh veggies and some chicken breast in the freezer, I decided to throw together a quick meal. I'm really not much into sauces that usually come in Asian dishes. The brown and white sauces that often soak the entrees at some of my favorite Chinese spots often turn me off to the dishes. I like them simpler where I can taste the veggies rather than a heavy sauce. This stir fry had nothing more than a little olive oil to sauté the veggies and some pepper.

In one pan I added a little water and put the frozen chicken breast strips to warm them while the veggies cooked.

In a second pan, I added a little olive oil along with fresh red, green and orange peppers, sugar snap peas and broccoli. I didn't sauté them long since I like a little crunch and left it at that. I put it over a scoop of rice for a nice fresh, clean meal.