Try Schmacon - the beefy alternative to bacon - at Schmaltz Deli

Bacon is one of our most beloved American foods and those who don't eat pork in their diet or are looking for a leaner version no longer have to miss out. Schmacon™ is a whole-muscle beef produced with a proprietary spice blend that is being regarded as “Beef’s Answer to Bacon™. With less calories, fat and sodium than traditional pork, the natural, smoked and seasoned beef product can be used as a bacon substitute in breakfast meals, side dishes or on sandwiches.

Chicago Foodie Sisters were invited out to Schmaltz Deli in Naperville to try out some of the sandwiches on their menu that include Schmacon. Inventor and Schmaltz Deli Chef Howard Bender has a few favorite sandwiches on the menu that include Schmacon™ and they are pretty awesome. We tried out several of them at the deli, where you can also purchase packages of Schmacon™ to cook at home. (We received a sample pack and made some Schmacon™burgers the following day.) It's also available at select Jewel Osco locations and Fresh Thyme Farmers Market.

On the menu at Schmaltz are:

·         Schmacon™ Lettuce Tomato: Schmacon™, sun-ripened tomatoes, lettuce and low-fat tomato basil mayonnaise on toasted tomato basil bread.
·         Schmacon™ Philly: Warm roast beef and Schmacon™ with grilled onions, sweet red peppers and melted American cheese on a hero roll.
·         Nohemi’s Hero: Turkey and Schmacon™ with Provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, guacamole and spicy Chipotle mayo on a hero roll.
·         Jalapeno Dog: Schmaltz-brand all-beef dog topped with Schmacon™, grilled onions and jalapeƱo peppers with melted American cheese on a hot dog bun.
·         Chicken Club: Sliced chicken breast with Schmacon™, guacamole, lettuce and tomatoes on three slices of toasted wheat bread.
·         Schmacon™ Schmookies: Homemade triple chocolate cookies topped with Schmacon™.

You can also add Schmacon™ to any of the other sandwiches on their menu. 

My favorite was the Chicken Club because, well, guacamole and Schmacon™ together are just an outstanding combination. The Schmacon™ serving was quite generous and the sandwiches there are always piled high. The Schmacon™ Philly was also a big winner combined with lean, hot roast beef and grilled onions and sweet red peppers.

The Schmacon™ Philly
Look at the size of this Chicken Club!
A classic SMT - Schmacon™, Lettuce and Tomato
The Nohemi's Hero
Chicken Club
Schmacon is for sale in the refrigerated case at Schmaltz Deli in Naperville.
Interior of Schmaltz Deli in Naperville. If you haven't been there, it's definitely a place to put on your foodie bucket list!
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