Pie Eyed


On a recent drive into Whiting to shoot some photos for a newspaper article I was writing on a new plaza that was added downtown last month, I roped my kids into going along with the lure of lunch on me and some additional spots for Pokemon hunting. My 17-year-old and 11-year-old who usually very reluctantly join me on a work assignment were actually excited to go, so my short work assignment turned into a nice little afternoon with two of my boys.

After I got the pictures I needed, we stopped over at Pie Eyed for a bite. Neither of the boys wanted a full meal, but I was hungry, so I indulged in a half sandwich and a little side salad. The sandwich was a Turkey Italiano with red and green pesto, turkey and provolone on rustic Italian. The salad was accompanied by a lovely champagne vinaigrette. I also got some forest berry tea that was very refreshing. One of the boys had a scrumptious honey rum cupcake and the other had a smoothie.

I've only been to Pie Eyed a couple of times, but I absolutely adore the place. I can assure you that if it was in my community, I would be there each week. It's in a century-plus old building with such charm and the vintage lettering on the windows is adorable. The place is casual and inviting and the food is just so, so good. I've grabbed brownies and other goodies to go on both visits and also when I've run into Pie Eyed at markets in the area.

If you're looking for a nice little day trip, make your way out to Whiting, Indiana to experience Pie Eyed and spent a day at Whiting Lakefront Park. There's a historic movie theatre on the main street and also a great brewery, Bulldog Brewery where you can get a taste of some freshly brewed craft beer. Also, the owner Allison, urged me to go around the corner to a new home decor/accessory/antique shop called the Market @119 that had just opened. The place had some really cute items and it's a great little spot to shop after lunch.

Pie Eyed
1600 119th
Whiting, IN
(219) 655-5018


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