PM Steamers in Ludington, MI

We took a brief trip up to Michigan earlier this month when my kids were on spring break. We visited Ludington Michigan, a harbor town with beautiful shoreline, lighthouses and a very cool car ferry, the S.S. Badger that takes passengers and their vehicles across Lake Michigan to Manitowac, Wisconsin. 

On our first night we decided to head out for dinner to a spot that overlooks the lake. We were hoping to watch the sun set, but it was snowing heavily and you couldn’t see too far into the distance and the sun was no where in sight. We did enjoy a great meal, though, and had the chance to watch the sun set over the lake the following evening.

My son started out with a yummy sausage and kale soup and I had a crab bisque that was amazing. Soup was perfect for the chilly snowy night while we sat inside watching the wind whip snow all around.

My middle son is all about burgers and gets them pretty much anywhere we go. This was a nice thick patty that he gave a thumbs up to.

Hubby went for some lake perch with roasted potatoes and green beans. I snatched a bite. It was delicious.

Another one of the boys is big on seafood and he didn’t have a big appetite, so he went with a shrimp cocktail for his entree.

A couple years ago when we made a trip to Mackinac Island, we stopped for lunch and I had fresh battered whitefish and I fell in love. I think I got it for every other meal we had on that visit. So, when I saw a beer-battered whitefish on their menu, I had to order it. I had selected the soup as my side, so I had to swipe a few fries from my son’s plate. What’s fish without chips? It was just so, so good! And being the foodie I am who will travel far for food, it makes me want to plan a trip that direction this summer so that I can get some more fresh battered whitefish in my belly. Or can someone out there just devise a way to transport us to a restaurant in like 5 seconds and return us after dessert? I'd be there for whitefish weekly.

There wasn’t much going on around the lake on this cold, snowy Tuesday in early April, but I’d love to get back in there on a warm, summer day to enjoy the view.

502 W. Loomis Street
Ludington, MI


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