Walnut Room at Macy’s

The Foodie Sisters were spending a foodie day in the city and as we walked by Macy’s, we had to stop in to take a peek at the Tiffany ceiling art - a vaulted ceiling covering 6,000 square feet and comprising of 1.6 pieces of iridescent glass. It’s the largest Tiffany mosaic in existence - available free for viewing if you simply take a stroll through Macy’s and look up. 

We had just finished eating over at The Gage, but since we were there I wanted to take advantage of the quiet time to visit the Walnut Room. I’d popped in there to see the Christmas tree in the past, but was never willing to stay and wait for a table during the incredibly busy holiday season. So, we decided to have a cup of tea and some dessert (although I will have to head back some time when I have more of an appetite for some of the chicken pot pie).

There were a handful of desserts to choose from, but we really wanted a taste of Frango Mint. We could choose from either a Frango Mint Cheesecake or Frango Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Pie. We went for the ice cream pie, which we split - and we were glad we did because it had a nice light texture and offered that classic Frango mint flavor. And it was just enough to leave us wanting more - we had to purchase some Frango mints on the way out. If you don’t have a Macy’s near you, you can order them online at Macys.com.

It was a nice little break to the day - in between lunch and dinner when we were ready for a little break from walking the Mag Mile. It was a perfect quiet spot to decrompress and gaze out at the city.

Located on the 7th Floor of Macy’s on State Street, there’s also an upscale food court across the hall if you’re looking for something a little more casual or quick (including a Frontera express by Rick Bayless). 

(View from the Walnut Room)

The Walnut Room
7th Floor of Macy’s on State Street
111 N. State Street
Chicago, IL


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