Father's Day Grilling and Outdoor Cooking Gift Ideas

Dads like to eat. A lot of Dads like to cook - and grill and smoke. And Father's Day just happens to be timed at the height of grilling and outdoor cooking season. So, as you're mulling over what to get your man or your father or gramps, we compiled a few gift ideas that are sure to be appreciated.

Wildwood Grilling Gift Sets and Wood Grilling Planks

Meats just hit different with a nice, smokey flavor. So do fish, shrimp, vegetables and other foods (my sons have been experimenting quite a bit and who knew that smoked potatoes and apples were so good?!) You'll find a number of planks, chips and smoking tools from Wildwood Grilling and some great gift sets, too. The Ultimate Hamburger Grilling Set comes with a smoking box and wood chips, a grill scraper, a duo of wood grilling plants, rib rub and a hamburger patty press.

The Grill Kilt

Grilling and smoking is much more efficient and fun when you have all the right tools handy. The Grill Kilt is a manly waist apron with plenty of pockets, grommets and D-rings - it's like a tool belt for all the grilling essentials. Load it up with your accessories, a towel and even a beer that fits perfectly in the pockets. There's also a number of designs, including some cool camo patterns.

Pampered Chef Outdoor Cooking Essentials

*I am a Pampered Chef consultant and do receive a commission on products ordered directly from the links provided here.

The Grill Mat Bundle

These thin mats help keep your grates clean and keep your delicate foods, like fish filets intact and prevents them from sticking. It also reduces flair-ups. But it's still thin enough to get nice grill marks. Bonus - they're on sale right now while they last. $28 ($35 regular price) for one grill mat and a grill tray with handles.

Make sure Dad has all the right tools for the next barbecue. This set includes grill tongs, spatula, basting brush, wooden grills scraper and a nice bag for organizing it all.

For all those things you want to grill along side your meats, the Rockcroks are perfect. Cook a side dish on top, warm up some mushrooms or other toppings for your burgers or crisp up a nice little flatbread.  It's lightweight and can withstand heat over 750 degrees. It's also freezer and dishwasher safe and can go right from the fridge to the grill for heating.

Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron cookware is versatile, durable and lasts forever. My husband is a big fan of Lodge and has added to his collection over the years. You can use it over a campfire, on a stove top, in the oven. He's used it on the side burner of the grill for sautéing. He has also used it directly on the grill to heat or to keep foods hot during a cook-out. The way it retains heat is wonderful. Make a pan of scrambled eggs and put it a lid on and it will stay hot for a quite a while.

Frag Out Flavor Seasonings

This veteran-owned company has a variety of spice blends and bbq rubs - anything you'd need to season your meats for the perfect flavor. 

Get some cuts at Howard's & Sons

I have a couple favorite butcher shops where I love to go to get fresh steaks and other meats. One of them is Howard & Sons, which is just barely over the border into Indiana. It's worth the drive. It's been my go to for many years for prime rib roasts for the holidays, steaks, bratwurst, Italian sausage and other meats. And also, be sure to stock up on their own steak seasoning been while you're there. It's my favorite way to season steaks.