Blockhead Beerworks: Valparaiso, IN

My husband and I stopped for a bite this past week at Blockhead Beerworks in downtown Valparaiso. We'd been there before and were impressed with both the beer and the Asian fusion cuisine.

On this visit I eyed some steam buns that some girls at another table were enjoying. We got the "High on Fire" variety, but I asked for the spicy stuff to be put on the side - that included jalapeƱos, sriracha and a Thai chili mayo. That mayo was amazing at I put in everything we ate while we were there - a nice kick, but not too over the top.

I really liked the sushi I had on our earlier visit and this time we got a classic California roll and also the "Krusty Crab," which had crab, pineapple yuzu, cucumber, old bay cream, ginger and scallions and I would go back just to have that again. 

There was a featured Fried Rice Wednesday special - the Oktoberfest. It included beer brats, peppadew peppers, spicy brown mustard, beer cheese and a few other goodies included - an unique fried rice that was good (and then even better warmed up the next day).

I also had a seasonal beer - the Caramel Apple Sour. It was perfect for the crisp fall night and the fall flavors in the fried rice. Can't wait to go back.

Blockhead Beerworks
150 Washington
Valparaiso, IN