Burrata all day long

I’m a big fan of burrata. I could eat it for every meal. I almost always order it when I see it on a restaurant menu and this past week I picked some up at Walmart and had it one day for lunch and another day for breakfast.

Bel Gioioso is a Wisconsin company that I love. I buy their fresh mozzarella and mozzarella pearls often for a little caprese salad. I was so excited to see that they make burrata that I can buy at big grocery chains. The pack had two burrata balls in it and I plated it over some greens (in the picture below, it’s over arugula). In a bowl I mixed some halved heirloom grape and cherry tomatoes with Italian seasoning, garlic salt and extra virgin olive oil (Villa Graziella Organic has sent me a sample and it’s an amazing high quality product). The burrata (removed from the container with a spoon to keep it intact) goes on top of the greens and then the tomato mixture gets poured over the top. Then give it a generous drizzle of balsamic reduction.

I served it with toasted Italian bread that had been drizzled with EVOO. It was seriously as good as burrata dishes I’ve had in any restaurant. 

Don’t wait for your next night out at an Italian restaurant to enjoy burrata. Prepare your own cheese plate at home.