Uncle Menny's/Greek's Pizza in Valparaiso, Indiana

I've heard good things about Greek's Pizza. At least that's what I thought it was called since it's the name I remembered seeing on the sign outside. Turns out it's called Uncle Menny's - or Uncle Menny's Greek's Pizza. It's been around since 1969. 

It has a nice, nostalgic feel - like that of the old school pizza parlors of the past, but in a good way (not a dingy, outdated way). I was glad we finally made it in to try it out. We ordered a sausage, mushroom and green pepper thin crust pizza and they used ground sausage, which I really like. The crust was crisp, the sausage had good flavor, the veggies were fresh and the cheese oozed just like it should. 

We also had a wedge salad to go with it - and the bacon was plentiful. I love a good wedge and this hit the spot.

If you find yourself in Valparaiso -the county seat of Porter county - stop over at this homey pizzeria and give it a try. It's right around the corner from the courthouse.