Oogave Natural Soda

A few weeks ago I entered a giveaway on Two Moms, a Little Time and a Keyboard and won a case of Oogave Natural Soda. I was excited when the package arrived and so were my kids. Pop (they always say you can tell what part of the country someone is from by what they refer to a soft drink as.) isn't a standard beverage in our house, but we have it occasionally. I keep it out in the garage fridge to keep myself from getting tempted and to keep my kids from opening a can of which they'll drink an ounce or two and than forget about, which then ends up getting dumped.

Oogave was created by natural foods restaurant owner, Esteban Anson, who was looking for an alternative to high-fructose corn syrup laden soft drinks to offer his customers. His sodas contain agave nectar and certified organic ingredients without chemical or GMO products. He essentially took a product that is not healthy for you and is without nutritional value -- soda -- and made it as healthy as possible. High quality ingredients and natural flavors take away the guilt of enjoying a bubbly bottle of refreshment.

I was intrigued by the interesting flavors. While you'll find traditional flavors, like cola and root beer, there are definitely some unique combinations that are far from the syrupy run of the mill fountain drinks. Mandarin Key Lime and Strawberry Rhubarb are a few of the one-of-a-kind soda flavors that makes Oogave stand out. Props to Anson for his creativity. I think the grapefruit was my favorite of all - and I do not even like grapefruit.

The agave nectar is a bit sweeter than traditional sugars, so a few sips makes it feel like you've had more than you really have, if that makes sense. Now that I'd tasted it and it was growing on me, I figured I'd have a hard time finding it in my area. I was pleased to learn that the Sunrise Health Foods Store just a few blocks away carries it. You can also find it in more than 60 other stores in Illinois, including some larger retailers, like Jewel, The Fresh Market and Whole Foods Market. It is also available for purchase online. Visit oogave.com for more information.