Anyone have a foodie spreadsheet?

As the new year rang in, I decided I wanted to become more organized. I started making a list of the restaurants I've been to. I thought it would be neat to make a spreadsheet and keep notes on what dishes I liked or didn't like. Give each place a rating.

I started off the list by racking my brain on where I've been the last year or two, since the blog began. I just know there's a lot I'm missing, but I got started by listing those and then moving on further. There are several that I can picture in my head, but cannot for the life of me remember what they're called.

I'll need to jot more down as they come to mind. I'm omitting the chains - McD's, Subway, Sonic, Hardee's, Wendy's, BK, KFC, Panda Express, Starbucks, Taco Bell - you know, the places where you grab and go and don't dine out. Now I need to get everything into a spreadsheet. Do you keep a list of places that you dine out at? (Or am I crazy and completely wasting my time?) Been to any on my list? What are your favorites?

Fitzgerald's, Sawyer, MI
Journeyman Distillery, Three Oaks, MI
Viola Cafe, Three Oaks, MI
Carlos Lorenzetti, Chicago Heights, IL
Nelson's, Three Oaks, MI
Froeliche, Three Oaks, MI
Greenbush Brewery, Sawyer, MI
Bristol Renaissance Faire, Kenosha, WI
Blue Gate Restaurant, Shipshewana, IN
Amish Acres Restaurant Barn, Napanee, IN
South Bend Chocolate Cafe, Valparaiso, In
South Bend Chocalate Cafe, South Bend, IN
Dainty Maid Bakery, South Bend, IN
House of Gerhard, Kenosha, WI
Frank's Diner, Kenosha, WI
Villa De Carlo, Kenosha, WI
Gayety's, Lansing, IL
Lincoln's O, Highland, IN
Anthony's Cafe, Highland, IN
Longhorn Steakhouse, Merrillville, IN
Jack Binion Steakhouse, Hammond, IN
Chicory Cafe, South Bend, IN
Goose Island, Chicago, IL
Texas Corral, Highland, IN
Texas Roadhouse, Dyer, IN
Gino's Steakhouse, Dyer, IN
Kelsey's Steakhouse, Valparaiso, IN
Parea, Valparaiso, IN
Panera, Munster, IN
Panera, Homewood, IL
Valpo Velvet, Valparaiso, IN
Buffalo Wild Wings, Lansing, IL
Hooter's, Lansing, IL
Hooter's, Schererville, IL
Popolano's, Lansing, IL
Rain Forest Cafe, Minneapolis, MN
Dublin Pub, Springfield, IL
Palmer Place, LaGrange, IL
Dessert Menu, Dyer, In
Schoop's, Munster, In
Meyer's Castle, Dyer, In
Steak and Shake, Schererville, IN
Kilroy's, Lansing, IL
Schererville Gyros, Schererville, In
Blackbird Cafe, Valparaiso, In
Mishkenut, Munster, In
Avia, Munster, In
White Rhino, Dyer, In
Nawlins Crab Shack, Lansing, IL
Chili's, Calumet City, IL
Chicago Firehouse, Chicago, IL
Calumet Fisheries, Chicago, IL
Cheesecake Factory, Chicago, IL
Glenwood Oaks, Glenwood, IL
Highland Gyros, Highland, IN
Venice Italian Steakhouse, Dyer, In
Zuni's, Dyer, In
Carlos Lorenzetti, Chicago Heights, IL
Foodie's MarketCafe, Dyer, In
Dessert Menu, Dyer, In
Hard Rock Cafe, Chicago, IL
Wing Stop, Lansing, IL
Munster Gyros, Munster, IN
Munster Doughnut, Munster, IN
Calumet Bakery, Lansing, IL
Austrian Bakery, Chicago, IL
Meatloaf Bakery, Chicago, IL
Cubby Bear, Chicago, IL
Rockit Burger Bar, Chicago, IL
Moon Palace, Chicago, IL
House of Kobe, Schererville, IN
Golden Corral, Schererville, IN
House of Kobe, Merrillville, IN
Bucca diBeppo, Orland Park, IL
Georgio's, Orland Park, IL
Smashmouth Burgers, Schererville, IN
Toro, Chicago, IL
Gino's East, Chicago, IL
Bubba Gump Shrimp, Chicago, IL
Riva, Chicago, IL
Signature Room on the 95th, Chicago, IL
Ed Debevic's, Chicago, IL
Berghoff's, Chicago, IL
Roka Akor, Chicago, IL
Seasons 52, Schaumburg, IL
Seasons 52, Oak Brook, IL
Eidelweiss Restaurant, Norridge, IL
Niche, Geneva, IL
Famous Dave's BBQ, Bloomington, IL
Chef Klaus' Beirstube, Frankfort
Peotone Bierstube, Peotone, IL
Nancy's Pizza, Woodrige, IL
Wingfield's, Chesterton, IN
Olive Garden, Calumet City, IL
Dixie Kitchen, Lansing, IL
Five Guys, Munster, IN
Chipotle, Munster, IN
J's Peapod, Lansing, IL
Cafe Borgia, Munster, IN
The View, Munster, IN
Stephano's, Lansing, IL
Artisan Table, Naperville, IN
Beggar's, Lansing, IL
Lucrezia Cafe, Chesterton, IN
Three Floyd's Brewpub, Munster, IN
Flossmoor Station, Flossmoor, IL
Red Lobster, Munster, IN
Charley Horse, Munster, IN
Rock Bottom Brewery, Orland Park, IL
Portillo's, Crestwood, IL
Lone Star Steakhouse, Crestwood, IL
115 Bourbon Street, Merrionette Park, IL
Schoop's, St. John, IN
Balagio, Homewood, IL
Aurelio's, Homewood, IL
Golden Crown Restaurant, Lansing, IL
Blueberry Field Pancake House, South Holland, IL
Andy's, South Holland, IL
Andy's, Riverdale, IL
Submarine Port, South Holland, IL
Aurelio's, Munster, IN
Aurelio's, South Holland, IN
Tom's Restaurant, Homewood, IL
Rico's Pizza, Lansing, IL
Blue Top Drive In, Highland, IN
Scrambled Diner, Dyer, IN
Outback Steakhouse, Calumet City, IL
Fuddruckers, Calumet City, IL
Bogart's Charhouse, Homewood, IL
Beggar's, Blue Island, IL
Jelly's Pancake House, Dyer, IN
Hog Wild, Midlothian, IL
T.J. Maloney's, Merrillville, IN
TGIF, Schererville, IN
Leona's, Calumet City, IL
The Egg and I, Tinley Park, IL
Tyler's Tender, Schererville, IN
Aunt Sally's, Calumet City, IL
Silver Spoon, Valparaiso, IN
Baker's Square, Lansing, IL
Don Pedro, Calumet City, IL
J.J. Kelley's, Lansing, IL
Waldo Cooney's, Lansing, IL
Sanfratello's, Glenwood, IL
Gabe's, Glenwood, IL
Warsaw Inn, Lynwood, IL
Arenello's, Glenwood, IL
Giovanni's, Munster, IN
Houlihan's, Schererville, IN
Tiebel's, Schererville, IN
Ablebee's, Munster, IN
China Moon, Lansing, IL
Amore, Crown Point, IN
Cracker Barrel, Hammond, IN
Jimmy K's, Lansing, IL
Thai Zie, St. Charles, IL
Lucky China, Dyer, IN
Matsuri Japanese, Geneva, IL
Wildfire, Oak Brook, IL
Hofbrauhaus, Rosemont, IL
El Salto, Munster, IN
Medieval Times, Schaumburg, IL
Logan's Steakhouse, Normal, IL

Some that no longer exist that I liked:

RX Cafe, St. Charles, IL
Rubes, Harvey, IL
McMing's, South Holland, IL
Alf's Pub, Dolton, IL
Heidelberg, Elmhurst, IL
Cornerstone Mansion, Lowell
Outriggers, Lansing, IL
Petey Treats, Munster, IN
Cafe Elise, Munster, IN
Kathy's Coffee Shop, Lansing, IL
Al's Diner, Lansing, IL