Purdue oven roaster

Ok, back at Thanksgiving I posted about this great turkey that I'd gotten...and then realized it was really a chicken. :)

My husband got stuck working on Thanksgiving again this year and it was the following weekend that I opted to make a big meal with all the trimmings. As I was shopping, I spotted this "whole seasoned roaster without neck and giblets." It was "oven ready" and all you had to do was put the bag into a roaster pan and place it in the oven. Well, it was in the big refrigerator case that was overflowing with turkeys. There were no chickens in sight and I assumed it was a turkey, albeit a small one. It didn't really indicate anywhere on the packaging that it was a chicken.

Because I've always spent Thanksgiving at one of my mom's or one of my sisters' houses, I've never had to cook a Thanksgiving turkey. There was one time right after I got married that I attempted to make a turkey. It's terribly embarrassing. I didn't realize that there was a bag of gizzards in the middle that you had to remove. I cooked it with that intact and then realized I had goofed. Luckily I'd also made a ham for that Christmas meal, so we did have something else to eat. I've never tried again. A couple times a year I'll get a turkey breast and make that.

So, I bought the "oven roaster." I cooked it. Everyone raved about how moist and flavorful it was. We served it up with our traditional Thanksgiving side dishes - dressing, mashed potatoes, egg noodles with gravy, cornbread, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, corn casserole, green salad and biscuits. No one questioned it.

It was later when I went online and looked for it that I realized that it was actually chicken and not turkey. I still don't know why they don't put the word "chicken" on there somewhere. I guess most people know that Purdue does chicken, not turkey. However, I did discover when looking online that Purdue does offer and 1.75 pound turkey roast.

Anyway, regardless of my mistake, it was delicous...extremely moist and juicy and a great blend of seasonings. The following week I got another one when I went shopping and I've gotten one more since then. And I will totally be buying it again...maybe even next Thanksgiving. :)