The Spice House: Geneva, IL

My sister and I did some shopping the other day and stopped at the Spice House in Geneva. There are four other locations in the Chicago area and Milwaukee area. It smelled soooo good in there.

The spices are ground there and I love that you can buy little 1 oz. packets of most of the items. Got a few packs I can't wait to try -- some nutmeg, ginger and some spice blends.

I also got some pure vanilla and some truffle oil, which I can't wait to try. Ever since I had truffle fries at Rockit Burger Bar, I have been wanting to pick up some truffle oil to use at home.

You can find them online at


  1. This place looks awesome! I am going to be in Chicago for the National Restaurant Association Conference in May. So I will definitely have to check this place out. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow


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