J.J. Kelley's has something for every appetite

One of my favorite local eateries is J.J. Kelley's. It is a bar and restaurant a bit off the beaten path at the end of Bernice road as it meets I-94 and Torrence Avenue. I have never had a bite of anything there that I wasn't literally crazy about. Fish, chicken, homemade potato chips, fried mushrooms, beef sandwiches, desserts, potato salad, soup, flatbread pizza, salads, sandwiches, veggies. I love it all.

Recently I was at the restaurant for a business meeting and of course, I insisted that no one at the table eat a bite until I could photograph it. Here's my cream of broccoli soup. (Sorry, the Nikon is in for repairs, so I'm relying on the iPad for a few more days.)

Someone in the group ordered a burger that looked pretty good.

And someone else ordered sloppy joes.

I got a Spinach Artichoke flatbread pizza.

And as soon as this came to the table, I had second thoughts about my order. Not that I didn't love my soup and flatbread, but I mean look at the Rueben sandwich with homemade potato chips. A couple people at the table ordered it and I really wanted to reach across the table and snatch it right off their plates. :)

We celebrated my parents' 50th wedding anniversary there in June and everyone raved about the food. Dad has been wanting to return there for a lunch date, so I am going to have to do that very soon.