13 great winter soups

We're in the midst of a blizzard here in Chicago. Snow has been coming down for a day and half, there have been crazy blinding winds causing drifts so high I couldn't open my door and we are now dipping down into subzero temperatures. It's projected to be about -17 below tomorrow with -40 with the wind chill factor. We're used to snow and cold in Chicago, but this is really brutal even for us. 

All the schools in the Chicagoland area are closed, lots of businesses closed, the South Shore trains closed, the big museums in Chicago are closed, parts of I-94 and I-65 are closed, Northwest Indiana has declared a state of emergency. Nothing to do but stay home and stay warm…and what better way to do that than with soup? Today I made four pots of soup - chicken noodle, cabbage soup, stuffed green pepper soup and chicken lemon rice along with chili. Planning to make more soup tomorrow.

I'm digging back in the archives for some of the soup recipes that we've posted. Here are some soups to make during this cold and snowy spell to keep you toasty. If you want a recipe just click on the highlighted name of the soup. Stay warm!

Similar to the Olive Garden Chicken Gnocchi Soup. Super tasty!

Another variation of chicken soup. This is an easy one that is really good!

Wholesome veggie soup will warm you right up and help keep you healthy throughout the winter. This recipe was posted in summer when we had veggies in our garden, but luckily these veggies can be found all year long at our local supermarket.

4. Mom's Simple Potato Soup

This was a favorite of us Clark girls growing up. We loved when Mom made her potato soup. :)

Chicken soup is a classic and I use a variety of different pastas to go with it - everything from farfalle to orzo to tagliatelle and more, but my favorite would be the long, thick Amish-style noodles. They're the best!!

This is a hearty soup, packed with protein that will fill you up and warm you up. :)

Spinach is one of my fave foods and I love the combo of tomatoes and spinach!! This is a yummy one!

This is one I kinda just threw together on a whim and boy did it pay off. One of the tastiest soups I have ever made!

This is a variation on Mom's classic potato soup. Sometimes the more you load on, the better it is!

Another twist on the chicken soup. This one uses cute little farfalle pasta.

One summer when we had a bumper crop of green peppers, I came up with this soup to use up some of our pickings without the work of stuffing them. It was a hit. One of my favorite soups and one of our most viewed blog posts!

This one starts with a mix, but I add so many goodies to it that I think you can count it as homemade. :)

This is one that Becky made out of Cuisine at Home magazine. 

I can't believe I don't have a recipe posted for my broccoli cheese soup, which is pretty darned good. I'll have to get that one up. Also, my beef noodle soup, pasta fagioli and sausage and cabbage soup. Guess I have some more cooking to do. :)