Beggar's Pizza: Lansing, IL

For a long time we weren't ordering pizza and I was making it mostly at home. Then when I got a hankering for some pizzeria pizza, we kind of wandered around ordering from all kinds of places trying to find one that I really, really love. Two of our favorite places moved out of town and so we have been missing them.

For some reason, I had forgotten how much I loved Beggar's Pizza and had been passing them over for several other places in town and in surrounding towns. One slice and I fell in love all over again. I love the cheese that is piled on top and the zesty sauce, but for me it's the sausage that closes the deal - and again they pile it on.

So, next time I'm craving pizza again, that's where I'll return. I also need to quit ordering carry-out and head in to enjoy a meal on Tuesday or Friday nights when the pipe organ is being played. It's a fun place and it's super lively on those nights.

Beggar's Pizza
3524 Ridge Road
Lansing, IL