Hit a home run barbecue-style with Outta The Park sauces

We do a lot of cooking on our grill come spring and we consume a LOT of sauces over the course of the season. I'm always eager to give a new sauce a try. Most recently we tried Outta The Park BBQ Sauce on a slab of ribs.

It was a big hit (an outta the park hit) with the boys and I loved how the "Original" mild was tangy and slightly sweet with just a little bit of heat that comes from the jalapeƱo and ginger in this gluten-free, vegan all-natural sauce. It contains no MSG and no high fructose corn syrup.

I served the ribs along with some petite steaks. Usually the kids are clamoring for more steak. This time, no one was particularly interested in the steaks and they all asked for more ribs. I tend to always make one slab to go with a second meat. Maybe some day I'll learn to just make 3 or 4 slabs and have enough to satisfy everyone.

This sauce was fabulous on ribs. Next up is chicken. I'm making that tonight so I'll fill you in soon on how that turned out.

You can purchase Outta The Park sauce at retail locations in the south, east and midwest. They aren't in Illinois yet, but can be found in New Carlisle, Indiana. Products can also be ordered online at www.outtathepark.com.

***Disclosure: I did recieve a product sample for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own.