Olive Garden lunch date with dad

I recently attended a fun tasting event at Olive Garden for the new menu items. My friend, Jo-Ellyn, and I tried out some wonderful new items at the 12-course tasting. And after we left, I realized I had forgotten my camera there. The event was at the Melrose Park location, so when I knew I'd have to make the 45-minute drive back to pick it up, I figured I might as well stay for lunch and invite Dad to come along with me.

When we go to lunch at the Olive Garden (it's his favorite lunch spot), we almost always get the soup, salad and breadsticks. I love their soups, especially, and love that after you finish a bowl, you can get a second bowl of a different variety.

I mentioned to Dad that I had tried these awesome Crispy Risotto Bites and I saw they were an add-on for the new Pronto Lunch menu for $3, so I ordered a plate of those. They were my favorite of the small bites that I tried out at the tasting event.

As my beverage I got the incredibly delicious Bellini Peach-Rasberry Iced Tea. For years my go-to drink has been the Raspberry Lemonade, but this new tea variety has me pushing my longtime love to the side. I have seriously been craving it non-stop ever since I tried it.

If you're mulling over where to go for a quick lunch with a lot of flavorful options, Olive Garden is the place. Check out the revamped menu and you're sure to be impressed!