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Sample Vice District brews this weekend at West Loop Craft Beer Fest

This arrived in the inbox this week. New craft beers are popping up faster than you can say "Pour me a cold one!" Here's a chance to try out the newest one as they debut their brews at the West Loop Craft Beer Fest.

Pouring for the First Time Ever
Chicago, IL - Vice District Brewing Co. will be pouring their beers in public for the first time ever at this Saturday’s West Loop Craft Beer Fest. Though the brewery and taproom isn’t slated to open until July, owners Curtis Tarver II and Quintin Cole, aren’t holding back on sharing their beer with Chicagoans.
“We’ve chosen two of our personal favorites to showcase on Saturday because we love the styles,” says Vice District. “We may bring a third, but that will probably be a last minute decision.” Habitual, Vice District’s Dark Cascadian Ale, also known as a Black IPA, will be making an appearance along with Everleigh, their Extra Special Bitter. Look below for details regarding each beer.
“Habitual” - Dark Cascadian Ale (aka Black IPA) – 75 IBU – 7% ABV
Your tastes buds will definitely thank you as you experience the complexity of 2 row, Vienna, select dark roasted specialty and chocolate malts. We selected Chinook, Citra, Amarillo and Cascade hops to give it that classic Pacific Northwest flavor and aroma from where this style originated. 
“Everleigh” - Extra Special Bitter – 39 IBU – 6% ABV
We took pounds of Maris Otter and flaked oats and roasted them to give this English Style ale a biscuity and toasted taste. We used both Fuggles and UK East Kent Goldings hops to produce a classic noble hop aroma. The toasted malts and earthy hops balance just right to make each sip as enjoyable as the first one. 
Curtis Tarver II and Quintin Cole are available for interviews and commentary upon request