Montana Mike's, Edinburgh, Indiana

On a recent trip to Santa Claus, Indiana we stopped for gas in the town of Edinburgh. I resisted my urge to shop. The kids took note of military vehicles going down the road as Camp Atterbury is near by. And my husband pointed out Montana Mike's Steakhouse. So, four days later as we were heading home in the late afternoon, we again stopped in Edinburgh for gas and decided to stop for dinner at Montana Mike's.

I had never heard of Montana Mike's and figured it was a steakhouse chain specific to that area, similar to the Texas Corral or Texas Roadhouse or Amarillo Roudhouse restaurants we have at home. Montana Mike's didn't have the peanuts to snack on like Texas Corral and was a little classier. The interior has a hunting/ranch theme and a menu full of hearty home cookin'.

First, we got a big basket of fresh buttery rolls served with an awesome whipped cinnamon butter.

Hubby tried a craft beer on tap from Bloomington Brewing Company called Ruby Bloom. I wasn't sure I would like it based on the dark color, but it wasn't heavy and bitter like I expected and had a smooth and more mellow flavor. Good choice! Always love to try out local brews when they are available.

There was a pretty big menu that included kid selections. Everyone (me, hubby and our four boys ages 9, 10, 12 and 15 quickly found something they liked. Five of the six of us got steak.

Each of the entrees came with a nice crisp salad. Loved the garlic ranch dressing.

A couple of specialty sauces were waiting on the table.

My youngest got the steak bites from the kid menu, which is available for ages 10 and under. The burger, chicken strip, corn dog and grilled cheese options were $4.99. Steak bites were $6.99, but still a bargain. There was a lot of steak there - probably equivalent to my sirloin. And my 9-year-old is as big a meat-eater as his brothers. He put a big dent in it.

My 15-year-old is in love with pretzel buns, so when he saw the Pretzel Bun Sliders (an item off the special menu insert), he ordered those. He got three in his order and got fries. He gave them a big thumbs up.

Also on the menu of summer specials were some really delicious sounding entrees, like campfire chicken tenders and  maple bacon pecan pork chops.

I got a simple sirloin, cooked medium with mashed potatoes. It was cooked perfectly and was super tender.

My husband and 10 year old ordered the special that night - a lobster entrusted sirloin with baked potato for just $13.49. I tried a couple bites of the lobster, which melted in my mouth and made me have a little diner's remorse. It was really good!

My 12-year-old, being the ultimate carnivore ordered the Aplewood Bacon Sirloin (with the mild horseradish sauce not he side.) A sirloin topped with tons of bacon. How could you not love that? He got it with a side of macaroni and cheese, something he always gets as a side when he sees it on the menu at restaurants. Both the steak and mac and cheese got his seal of approval.

Although none of us thought we could eat another bite, hubby gave the boys a green light on a couple desserts. One was this - the Rocky Mountain Mudslide, which was a warm homemade chocolate browie with chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream, chopped walnuts and whipped cream. That thing was MONSTER size. It could have fed four people.

All of their massive desserts are just $4.99!

We also ordered a New York Cheese cake with cherry topping. I was too full to even attempt a taste, so I can't give my opinion on it. But, it looks pretty awesome and if it's as good as that brownie dessert, it should measure up for any sweet loving diner at Montana Mike's.

One more thing I have to add about the meal. Three soldiers came in dressed in full military uniform and hubby chatted with them for a few minutes. Then my 12-year-old, who will be going to an encampment next month at Camp Atterbury with his Civil Air Patrol group chatted with them a little bit. Made me proud when my hubby said to the waiter, "I'd like to pay for dinner for the men over at that table." It was a nice, small gesture for three of the active military who sacrifice a lot to serve our country. Our waitress kindly brought us their bill and waited until we left to let them know it was covered. It was a nice gesture for my boys to witness, too, and to let them know how grateful we are for those who serve.

Overall, the meal was exceptional, especially when you take into consideration the reasonable prices. The service was wonderful (shout out to our server, Carly!!!) The atmosphere was fun. We'll definitely be back if we come across another Montana Mike's in our travels. Unfortunately there are no Montana Mike's Steakhouses in the Chicago area, but there are a few in the Indianapolis area and one in Danville, Illinois