Norris English Pub

There are few things better than comfort food and I love to tap into my English roots once in a while to enjoy some of the most recognizable British foods, like fish and chips, shepard's pie, English pasties, bangers and mash, Scotch eggs, cottage pie, English muffins and more.

You can try some of my favorites at the Norris English Pub in Liberty, Indiana, which opened in 2015. Besides serving up some great pub food - chicken pot pie, fish n' chips, bangers n' mash and more - they also brew their own beer. So, along with your meal you can enjoy a pint of their own ale. They make a large number of brews that are rotated, but you'll find about 8 on tap at any given time. We tried out a flight of four, which were all smooth and perfect for my palate. I'm not a lover of ultra hoppy beers and the ones I sampled were all right up my alley. But if hops are your thing, you can also get an IPA and there are other more bitter varieties, like a dark porter.

We arrived after the kitchen had closed for the night so we had to forego the English food and munched on a cheese, meat and cracker tray. I'd love to get back some time for the full British experience. It's a fun spot with bits of English trivia tucked under the table tops for reading and a few games to enjoy while you sip.

202 E. Seminary
Liberty, Indiana