Rizo Bros Cheeses

I am a cheeseaholic. I eat it almost daily in some form. And I always love to find new varieties and new uses for familiar ones. So, I was excited to get some product from Rizzo Bros to sample. The company creates classic Mexican cheeses "recrafted for the way we eat now." The California company uses pure cow milk for their quesos and you can find their products at Whole Foods. Here's the six items that I got an opportunity to try and some of the things I made with them.

I used some of the oaxaca and grated spicy cotija to make some breakfast pizza. I used some prepared crust and added salsa, chorizo, egg and a squeeze of lime. It was so yummy!

Another day we had breakfast tacos with the spicy grated donita, chorizo and eggs.

I also used some oaxaca to make a version of chicken cordon bleu. I bought some chicken milenasa at a local Mexican store, added a layer of sliced ham and topped it off with oaxaca, which melts very nicely and is so creamy. 

My son's friend, Lily, came over one night and gave me a lesson in making authentic enchiladas. She made homemade salsa verde and made chicken and then shredded it. She filled it with some of the fresco cheese and then added more on top.

One of my favorite foods ever is elotes and this was a really good batch. I prefer mine on the cob rather than in a cup. The grated cotija went over a layer of mayonnaise and then was sprinkled with chili powder. 

I loved having the opportunity to try out Rizo Bros cheeses. They're good quality and inspired me to add more Mexican dishes into the dinner rotation. To find out more about their products, visit www.rizobros.com.

***I received product samples from Rizo Bros. I was not compensated for the post. All opinions are my own.