Room service at Crowne Plaza Downtown Indianapolis Union Station

I've been to Indianapolis a handful of times in the past decade. On one of the those visits, I went there with my husband and kids during spring break. We spent a couple nights at the Crowne Plaza Downtown Indianapolis Union Station. We were in one of the regular rooms, but took a little time to walk around and explore the place and the kids marveled at the cool Pullman Palace train cars that had been converted into guest rooms. I hoped that I'd be able to stay in one of those rooms sometime.  

Well, on my most recent visit to attend the Indiana Media Marketplace, I decided to spend a couple days in town hitting the museums, doing a fun catacombs tour and eating at some of the great restaurants in Indy. This time I had the opportunity to stay in one of the train cars, which was really cool. They have 26 train rooms in all and each is named after a famous person from long ago. I was in the Rudolph Valentino Room (and next to the Amelia Earhart room).

One of my favorite parts of traveling is not having to go out to have breakfast. I love to order room service for breakfast and just hang in bed and eat at my leisure while watching TV. It's something I never do at home, so its such a luxury. I took advantage of having breakfast delivered to my room while I stayed at the hotel. It was quite tasty - nothing uber fancy. It was simple, but good. I had scrambled eggs, some hash browns, toast and bacon. And the bacon was just the way I LOVE it - crispy and crunchy. It was a lovely start to my day and if you ever have the chance to stay in one of the train car rooms, it's an experience that you'll always remember. For more info on the hotel, click here