Petziola Sausage

While running some errands in Griffith, I peeked in my Golden Opportunities book to see if there was anything nearby to try. I found a coupon for 10 percent off at the Griffith Meat Market, so off we went. It's nice to still be able to find a butcher shop. There aren't too many around anymore. I'm still mourning the loss of Komo's on Torrence Avenue in Lansing where I used to like to go to get meats.

Anyway, everything behind the case looked good. We decided we'd do dinner on the grill that night, so I looked at the sausage and there was one called "petziola." I asked what it was and the guy behind the counter explained that it has green pepper, onion, tomato and mozzarella cheese stuffed inside. "Wow, so it's like a pizza inside a sausage?" I said. He answered, "That's right, like a pizza on a bun." I couldn't wait to try them.

Hubby put some on the grill that night and they were superb. I really didn't even get  a hint of the cheese or tomato, but could definitely taste the pepper and onion. My husband kept coming back for a couple more bites after declaring several times that he was full.

We also got some fresh bacon and fried that up last night. It was delicious!!! I'll be sure to stop by there again next time I'm out in that direction!

507 E. 45th Ave.
Griffith, Indiana