The Whole Shebang $10 deal at Timbrook Kitchens

There's this little tucked away cafe nearby that I love to stop in for a breakfast for lunch or to get some goodies to bring home for the family. On a recent stop when I intended to run in and grab a sandwich, I was reminded of the "Whole Shebang" special that is available every day for dine in our carryout for $10. I ordered the Whole Shebang and sat and enjoyed it for a bit and forgot about all the errands I had to run that had me frazzled.

For $10 you get:

two slices of savory pie or a sandwich
a salad, soup or side
a slice of dessert pie
a drink

It's a pretty sweet deal. I hopped over there when I saw the Cubano was on the menu. (If you don't follow on FB, be sure to do so to get updates on what's new each day.) Once I decided to go with the $10 special, I was going to get a side salad but then saw the bacon jam potato salad and switched to that. Glad I did. It was tasty. I got my usual for the dessert - a slice of peanut butter pie.

The place is a little foodie oasis on busy Ridge Road in Munster, Indiana, located directly across the street from the large Strack and Van Til grocery store in a little strip next to a tobacco shop. Walking inside you're greeted by smells and sights that will make you hungry for everything on the menu. A tray of pastries is usually out on the counter to tempt you. I always linger a little and talk food with the owner who loves to share his favorite spots to eat and hear about yours. And baseball. We always talk baseball. It's nice to hear a Cardinals fan admit to what a good season the Cubs are having. :) I look forward to gloating even more come October - it's been a long time coming. My dad also stops in there from time to time and they have a friendly little bet going that will result in one of them wearing a baseball cap of the rival team this fall.

We also had my sister's baby shower in this cozy cafe - there were about a dozen of us and it was intimate and fun, especially since I'm not the only foodie in the family.
Timbrook Kitchens
17 Ridge Road
Munster, IN


  1. Wow! Never realized it was there.

  2. suggestion for place to visit. This is the only Texas style restaurant I have stumbled upon in Chicagoland area. They have texas style dishes such as King Ranch Chicken and Frito Pie. And for dessert they offer Strawberry Pretzel pie. Lone Star BBQ Bar on Harlem in Dunning Neighborhood of Chicago


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