Islamorada Fish Company

I am married and have five sons, so their idea of a good time is spending hours perusing the displays at Cabela's and Bass Pro Shop. I've heard from a few friends that the restaurant at Bass Pro Shop has some pretty good seafood, so on a recent stop at Bass Pro in Portage, Indiana coming back from a day trip in South Bend, we decided to have dinner there.

The World Famous Islamorada Fish Company is appropriately decorated in fish and underwater motif and has a number of seafood dishes on the menu. The place is casual and cozy and service was very swift.

Boards with bread were brought out as we looked over the menu and I'm not exactly sure what the bread was topped with - some kind of cinnamon sugar, maybe - but it was very sweet and the kids polished off two loaves in no time. We also tried venison-stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer and the portion was very generous.

Everyone ordered something different, so it was nice to see a variety of different entrees and try a few of them. I got fish and chips, hubby got Mediterranean shrimp pasta and the boys got fish tacos, a tournament burger (double burger with smoked bacon), a top sirloin and cajun catfish. No one had any complaints and everything was very good - definitely exceeded the expectations of an outdoor emporium. It's definitely worth extending a shopping visit to get a bite to eat.