Kopp's in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

On our way out of town from a visit to Milwaukee, I came across an online post about Kopp's Frozen Custard. There are three locations in the area and being such a fan of retro food places, I was excited to stop in for the atmosphere and and vintage vibe as much as the food.

Walking inside is like stepping back in time, but in a futuristic sort of way, if that makes sense. Opened in the 1950's, the place is overloaded with stainless steel and a streamlined design and a menu that somehow conjured up thoughts of robots to me, yet the counter was lined with friendly faces with bowties reminiscent of a milkman making a delivery. It just seems the epitome of efficiency and was just a very cool departure from any other place you could stop at for a burger and some frozen custard.

Now, about the food. As cool or different or nostalgic as a place is, none of it matters if the food is a mess. You don't have to worry about that here. The burgers are meaty and sloppy and delicious, but what a visit is really all about is dessert. You simply cannot walk out without trying some frozen custard. You can go online to check out the flavors of the day - such irresistible concoctions as red velvet, butter pecan, cherry amaretto cheesecake, caramel cashew and maple pancakes and sausage. I only did a smidgen of sampling, but everything was even better than it sounded. Visit kopps.com for more on this legendary Milwaukee landmark.