Vegas Cafe

My dad is often my lunch buddy and he'll come along with me when there's a new restaurant I want to try out or if I just have a taste for something specific from a local place. He's planning a move soon from Northwest Indiana to Central Illinois, so we're trying to plan some more lunch dates at some favorite spots and hitting a few new ones. He sent me a text one night that said, "Things are moving quickly. With that in mind, I'm free for lunch EVERY DAY." :) So, for the past week, we have eaten together every single day. It's been fun - although I'm afraid to step on the scale.

One of the places we visited this past week was Vegas Cafe in Schererville, Indiana. I'd come across it on Facebook and the photos of the food looked pretty delicious, so we thought we'd head over to try it out.

It faces busy Indianapolis Blvd, but is set back just a little bit in a long strip of businesses - but the adjoining businesses look to be offices that are closed in the evening. We went there on a weekday night and it was empty. But we really enjoyed our visit and our meal, so I hope more people discover this new spot and pay them a visit.

The place has a fun Las Vegas theme - with casino-ish decor, video of Vegas playing on a big screen and huge portions. The menu includes sandwiches (many of them open-faced) and wraps, salads and a big list of coffee and other hot drinks. Somehow I missed that last part when I was there and some of these hot chocolate drinks sounds really tasty, so I'll have to pass by Starbuck's next time I'm out that way and slip in there for a warm, cozy drink. It's a small cute and cozy casual place where you order at the counter and they bring your order out to you. Of course, I spotted a few Elvis items on the walls. He's my favorite. :)

They also run daily specials and when we were there Dad decided he wanted to try out the lasagna special. It was about $10 and came with a salad. The lasagna was really delicious - I was very impressed. It was seriously as good as I've gotten in some nice fine Italian establishments. And I loved the little garlic toasts that accompanied it. The side salad was also quite yummy with lots of veggies, shredded cheese, croutons and olives.


I opted for a burger, but really wished I would have gotten the lasagna - It was such a huge portion that dad just cut it in half and we shared it. And then still had some leftover. They also have a case with some really delectable desserts. I had a very hard time selecting one to go (absolutely no room left for dessert after the huge portions), but I finally decided on a chocolate cake dessert to go. I ended up sharing it with two of my kids when I got home. All three of us had a nice sized and satisfying serving.

Like I said, I hope more people find this place as it's set off the road just enough to not easily spot it or forget that it's there. I hope they thrive in that spot and many more stop in for a taste of Vegas.

Just a few things off the menu:

The Bellagio: Roast beef, bacon, lettuce, thousand island and provolone sandwich

The Roulette: Bratwurst, roasted peppers and onions, the signature Vegas sauce and provolone sandwich

The Mirage: Ham, bacon, mayo, boiled eggs and lettuce, balsamic vinegar and provolone sandwich

The Palazzo: Salad of chicken, ham, tomato, olives, provolone, boiled eggs and choice of dressing with croutons.

Teasers Place Wrap: Baked chicken, lettuce, tomato, signature Vegas sauce, parmesan and croutons

Vegas Cafe
800 Cedar Parkway
Schererville, IN