Oreo Concrete Kiss Bars

One day my youngest (age 7) decided he wanted to make some of this OREO No Bake Dessert. I gave him a bowl and told him to get started. He did, but without reading instructions and I realized that the OREO crumbs meant to be the crust were mixed in with the filling. Oooppps! So, we figured out a way to salvage it.

I had some graham cracker crumbs in my cabinet, so we used those for a crust. Then we had a filling that was thicker than usual and my son said it looked like concrete...so he decided to call them concrete bars. Then I suggested we add a little more chocolate on top. He liked that idea. You can never have enough chocolate, right? So, he added OREO chunks on top and added some Hershey Kisses and then we drizzled some chocolate syrup over the top. The concoction turned out to be a delicious mistake. :)