Cabot Cheeses raise the bar

We've had this unofficial motto here at Chicago Foodie Sisters:

"Life is too short for cheap cheese, chocolate or wine."

I'm thinking I might even get a shirt with that on it. It's true. Those are three things we consume that are can be superb, but are not quite worth the calories if they aren't good quality. Really, once you've had good wine, it's hard to be content with that which lacks the care and quality of the better varieties. If I'm going to savor some chocolate, I want it to be good quality chocolate, not a waxy candy bar with a shine that seems to scream "Eat me, even if I am covered with chemicals!" When I enjoy cheese, I have to pretty desperate to consume a spongy no-name brand or a processed version that lacks texture and taste.

My taste buds sang when I tried out some of the flavors that arrived in a care package from Cabot Cheese. It included a sharp light, extra sharp, Vermont sharp and my personal favorite, the SERIOUSLY SHARP! I used some in recipes, but mostly I cut off a chunk here or there and placed it atop a whole wheat or pita cracker and enjoyed. This is the smoked bacon cheddar, which was packed with flavor! I'm hooked on Cabot and will be seeking it out in my local grocery stores.

If you share my philosophy on cheese, be sure to try out Cabot. Cabot is a creamery that is a 1,200-plus farm family dairy cooperative with memebers in New England and upstate New York. Cabot's cheeses have won awards including "World's Best Cheddar." Visit the website, for more information.

* Cabot did provide product for the purpose of a review. Opinions are my own.


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