Love my Price Kensington Teapot

There's this charming place in Dyer, Indiana that I love called Foodie's MarketCafe. The food is always wonderful and I love looking through products in their two little store areas. In one of them I spotted some cute teapots made by Price Kensington. It was just before Christmas and I urged hubby to get me one. He obliged. He had the boys wrap it for me and I put on my best surprised face. I've been making a pot periodically and sharing with the boys.
I also pulled down this beautiful teacup and spoon that my former boss gave it to me. Until recently, it had only sat on a shelf to be looked at and never used. And to give you an idea of how long it was there. It's from the job I left in 2002 and my boss gave it to me sometime prior to that - probably around 2000 as either a birthday or secretary's day gift. He always gave nice gifts to the ladies in the office and we really appreciated his thought and generosity. I'm glad I finally dusted it off and used it.