Jelly Pancake House: Dyer, Indiana

How did I not post on this place immediately after I was there? Well, it's been a couple months, but my dear friend, Michelle, and I made a visit to Jelly Pancake House in Dyer for breakfast. Once in a while we get together for breakfast or lunch. Our usual spot is Baker's Square for breakfast and we've also gone out to Scrambled Diner in Dyer. One day I noticed this pancake house called Jelly as I was driving down US 30 in Dyer. I was convinced it was brand new because I take that route quite often and had never spotted it. Turns out it had been there a while and I'm not very observant when I drive.

With a name like Jelly, it was no surprise to learn that they make their own jelly there. They brought out three samples - a strawberry, a pepper jelly and I think the third was raspberry. All got a thumbs up.

I went for a Western omelet with potatoes. Very tasty and totally a two meal plate. I took half home for lunch.

Michelle got eggs, ham and potatoes with some toast.

I'd like to revisit sometime and this time maybe I'll buy some jelly to take home, too.