Lady Alice Apple Variety Has Arrived in Chicago

Apple lovers have reason to rejoice as a new sweet variety of apple can now be found in stores in Chicagoland. The Lady Alice apples come from the orchards of Eastern Washington. The unique variety was discovered as a chance seedling and has quickly become a popular apple as a sweet, crisp snack fruit. It's also suitable for cooking. Harvested in the fall, they are stored and sold at their flavor peak in winter and late spring.

I was lucky enough to get a sample box in the mail to try. I got a half dozen of carefully packed beauties that my family couldn't wait to dig into. I loved the texture and sweetness that make it the perfect fruit for snacking on. It would also be great in a salad and I'm sure would work wonderfully in pie or in a skillet with some butter, sugar and cinnamon for a lovely dessert or ice cream topping. Sadly, I didn't have the chance to find out as my kids scarfed them down before I got a chance to do any cooking. I don't blame them. Good apples are hard to find this time of year. If you come across Lady Alice apples as you do your grocery shopping in the coming weeks, be sure to give them a try.