Pure Leaf Sweet Tea

If I have a weakness when it comes to beverages, this would it. Not just sweet tea, extra sweet tea.

I don't drink coffee. I seldom drink pop at home - I save that for when I go out to eat. I'm not big on milkshakes. Not much of a juice drinker. I like a good glass of wine if I'm dining out. Sometimes I'll have a beer (but I rarely finish a while bottle or glass.) If I've got a chill, I might have a cup of hot chocolate or hot tea. Most of the time I drink water, often with a slice of lemon, but when I don't I love to drink sweet tea. (I sound like a Dos Equis ad, don't I?)

Iced tea was the every day beverage in our house growing up. Dad made Lipton instant every day. It was on a trip to South Carolina a few years back that I tried true Southern Sweet Tea - brewed sweet tea. I remember we were at an alligator theme park that had free refills if you bought a souvenir cup and I filed that cup back up quite a few times. When McDonald's added sweet tea to their menu, I was happy, but the last couple times I've gotten it I just didn't like it. It tasted old, like it wasn't fresh and I got turned off and haven't ordered it since. But, the one tea that I've found that I really like is Pure Leaf real brewed tea. The sweet tea is good. The extra sweet tea is really good. At 65 grams of sugar a bottle, I try to not drink more than half a bottle in a day and get it as an occasional treat.