So long to the Shamrock Shake

I used to be such a fan of Shamrock Shakes. That was back when they really tasted like a milkshake. They were thick and tasted like they were made with real milk. I'm not so sure anymore. They just taste artificial to me. The consistency and taste are drastically different than they were a few years ago. While I'd normally enjoy a dollop of whipped cream, it just makes it taste more, I don't know…artificial to me.   I suppose it's all about money and this newer, thinner formula makes them more of the greens. I miss those minty, thick shakes.

My sons on the other hand are crazy about them and I've made a couple stops there this season to treat them to one. Now that St. Patty's day has past, they'll be heading off the menu. Last year my dad happened to be at a McDonald's at Easter and they still had Shamrock Shakes available. I guess each store just keeps on serving them 'til they run out. Some run out faster than others. I told my teen to enjoy this one because it will probably be almost a year before he gets to have one again.