There's more than potatoes in Idaho

In our area there's a radio commercial we often hear in the spring and summer months for Indiana Beach Resort with a little jingle about how there's more than corn in Indiana. Well, I learned recently that there's more than potatoes in Idaho. While potatoes are surely what the state is best known for, there are several other food products that Idaho can be proud of.

The Idaho Culinary Celebration was held recently at Kendall College for media and food service educators to introduce them to products that can be incorporated into dishes in Chicago's eateries. It was demonstrated through chef stations using trout, chickpeas, onions and more.

So, here's what I learned:

Idaho supplies 30% of the nation's fresh potatoes, mostly russets.

In 2013 Idaho produced over 13 billion pounds of potatoes.

Idaho is a big producer of onions, along with Eastern Oregon, growing yellow, red and white varieties of Spanish onions.

Clear Springs Foods is a leading producer of Rainbow Trout.

Snake River Farms created a Wagyu/Angus beef after starting a decade ago with a small herd of Wagyu cattle from Japan that was crossed with American Black Angus.

Idaho is home to 13 Foods, which manufactures chickpeas and lentils.

High-quality White Sturgeon Caviar comes from the Idaho springs, processed by Fish Breeders of Idaho.

Glanbia Foods is the world's largest American style cheese producer. Take that Wisconsin!

Cocktails were made with Grand Teton's potato vodka.

Idaho is home to a fast-growing wine industry and the Idaho Wine Commission markets and promotes more than 50 Idaho wineries.