Horseshoe Sandwich with Idaho Fingerling Fries

Recently I had the opportunity to develop a couple recipes for the Idaho Potato Commission using a carton of fingerling potatoes they sent my way. I am absolutely in love with fingerling potatoes. They're not a variety that you commonly see in stores, but I've had them in a couple restaurants this past year. I'm hoping that they'll soon be making their way into more supermarkets as the only place I have seen them locally is Produce Depot in St. John, IN.

One of the recipes I made using the fingerling potatoes was a horseshoe sandwich. It's a specialty of the Springfield, Illinois area. I wrote a little about it in this recent foods article for the Northwest Indiana Times newspapers. It's basically a sandwich that starts with a toasted bread, usually Texas toast, and is topped with meat, fries and cheese sauce. It's quite tasty and you can customize it to include whatever meat or veggies or bread you like. So, live like you're in my home state's capital and try one out.

Click HERE for the link with the full recipe.


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