Eating Keto

In 2020, my husband followed a keto diet strictly for several months and it resulted in a 30 pound weight loss. He was being advised by a doctor and had some powder mix that substituted for snacks to help curb his appetite. His plan didn't just involve cutting back on bread, but gave him a very limited amount of foods that I weighed out for meals. It wasn't sustainable, but something that helped us both look at how we were eating and work toward a healthier diet.

When I make meals now, I look for ways to get the biggest nutritional boost while also minimizing carbs, sugars, fried foods, red meats and processed foods.

I just thought I'd share a favorite meal that is super easy. I take all the shortcuts I can when making meals and this is just a bag of garlic herb shrimp from Schwan's, a frozen rice blend from Trader Joe's and a steam bag of vegetables from Walmart. There are some carbs in the rice blend, but when I do add carbs into meals now, I try to make them a whole grain option. 

When I started working toward weight loss myself in spring of 2021, I consulted my doctor who suggested following a Mediterranean diet. I have worked in a lot more meals of that style and love to eat seafood because it's so low in calories, fat and carbs.

I started writing down a lot of the low-carb meals I was making for my husband when he was on the strict keto diet and I'll have to share more - maybe you'll even find a collection of them in cookbook form one day. :)