Giovani's: Munster, Indiana

I was hanging out with my good friend, Shannon, recently on a weeknight watching her son's high school baseball game. The game was called when it got too dark to see the ball well and neither of us had dinner yet, so we started mulling over nearby restaurants and trying to find one where the kitchen was still open. We ended up at Giovanni's, just barely over the border in Munster, Indiana. It's a traditional Italian place that I haven't been to in years.

I was trying to eat light and go with some simple fish. She got sea bass over risotto and I opted for halibut with asparagus, which was simple, but delicious. But I did veer off-course for a little bread - it's so hard to pass up freshly baked bread that is brought to the table in a basket where it is warm and wrapped up in fabric napkins to hold in the warmth. 

When Shannon ordered tiramisu for dessert, I also couldn't pass that up. I'm not a huge dessert person, but tiramisu is definitely a weakness. I tried a few bites and it was about as perfect as it gets for tiramisu - so light and not too sweet.

I don't know what's kept me away for so long. In the past I'd only been there with a couple groups and I think it was a family-style meal situation. I'm so glad we picked this as our place and I discovered more of the menu. It's a nice date-night destination that I'm adding to my list. 

603 Ridge Road
Munster, IN