Bit of Swiss, Stevensville, Michigan

My husband and I love Southwest Michigan. In fact, when we were looking to move in 2021, we were considering a couple different communities in Harbor County - one being Stevensville. The market was just crazy at that time and there just weren't enough homes for sale. We found a couple that would be suitable and in our price range, but they were contingent as soon as they were listed. 

Anyway, as we were scoping out the area while we were contemplating places to move to, we visited Bit of Swiss and I was instantly smitten. We'd been to Tosi's Restaurant earlier, which is located right next door, but its opening time was after the bakery's closing time so it wasn't possible to visit both at the same time.

The delicacies they create are so over the top and beautiful - almost too pretty to eat. But, they must be eaten and they are always just as scrumptious as they appear. On our most recent trip we got some Christmas stollen, biscotti, scones, cookies, bread and the most delicious truffles. 

If you're in that area and have a sweet tooth, this place is an absolute must.