Chicago Foodie Sisters' Holiday Gift Guide

Scratching your head trying to think of gift ideas for everyone on your list? We're here to help, especially if you have someone on your list who likes to cook - or even if you have someone on your list who just likes to eat. :) Scroll down for a few suggestions and a few of our favorite things. And check back as we'll be adding to it.

The Always Pan

This is one of my favorite pieces of cookware. I got one in my favorite color, blue, and it makes cooking so easy. Nothing sticks to the ceramic surface, it has a wood spoon with a slot on the handle to place it in, it comes with a steaming basket. There's so much to love about it.

Automatic Soap Dispenser

This is probably my favorite Amazon purchase of the year. I have them by every sink in my house. It's a motion activated soap dispenser that is battery powered and can be charged with an enclosed power cord. I much prefer foam soap over liquid soap, so that was one thing that made me order it. Also, I hate when I'm in the kitchen with hands covered with food and then have to touch the pump to get soap out. This dispenser eliminates that. You just wave your hand in front of it and your soap pours out. It's touchless!

(This one seems to be out of stock sometimes, but here is a similar one in look and price point:

K-Cup Storage Drawer

When we first got our Keurig Coffee Maker, I was randomly storing boxes and bags of pods in various cabinets, but knew it was much more convenient to keep them right next to it. I had bowls or bins where the pods overflowed and it took up space on the counter. I was so happy to find this drawer to go right under the coffee maker. It doesn't take up any extra counter space and I can store 36 pods in a nice organized way. I reserve one drawer for my hot chocolate and tea and the others for coffee, so it's nice to be able to separate them that way, too.

Got someone in your life who loves a little spice on their plate? I tried Hot & Saucy this past year and they've got some fun flavors that you won't find in your average grocery stores (I especially recommend the Garlic & Pepperocini variety.) Get a variety pack for someone who loves bold flavors or a foodie who loves to try something new.

Electric Salt & Pepper Grinder

This is another thing I would not want to live without. I've had my Sweet Alice electric salt and pepper grinders for a while now and they are still holding up well. No more grinding the pepper or salt. All you do is turn these upside down and it grinds your salt and pepper. It's so easy and I think they should be in every kitchen. :)

Villa Graziella Organic Wines, Seasonings, Oils & Balsamic

I love everything from this biz that produces fine certified organic Italian wine and food. Their balsamic is the best I've ever had. The oils offer a wonderful flavor and finish for cooking or bread dipping (one of my favorite pasttimes.) The latest thing I've tried is their seasoning gift pack. I made lots of soup in the cooler month and have been using these to add a little flavor to my broth.

Blooming Baker

These are some of the most beautiful baked goods you'll ever come across. I loved these brownies that are decorated with edible flowers. They are stunning - and really yummy, too. They aren't just for show. If you really want to spoil someone, this is sure to make their day. It's something unique that they've very likely not seen or tried before. This one you'll want to bookmark for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, anniversary and other occasions.


This isn't a food item, but I was introduced to these shoes earlier this year and I love wearing them when I'm out exploring new restaurants, stores, cities, etc. and I wear them to get out and burn off calories. They slip on easily without even having to touch them. Perfect for kids who haven't yet learned to tie shoes, pregnant ladies who are having a little trouble bending, older individuals who have balance issues. They're useful in all those situations and more. 

For me, I often slide into any pair of shoes just out of convenience, but I end up mashing down the back of them or they get stuck and I have to bend over anyway. These could not be easier, you just slide your foot right in and go. They're designed so that the back is reinforced so that they don't get disfigured from pushing the back down. Anyway, I love mine. They look so cute, too, and there are many styles and colors to choose from.

Cool Coffee Collective

I've been enjoying the tea and hot chocolate from Cool Coffee Collective and the boys, who are coffee drinkers have been making their way through the stash of coffee pods - Cara-Toff-Nila, Cho-No-Late and Strong AF varieties. A nice little gift for coffee, tea and hot cocoa lovers.

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