Can't wait to plant the garden

Ok, that title is misleading. I can't wait for my husband and sons to plant our garden and for my father-in-law to plant his. It's so nice to have veggies right out of the garden. Ours is pretty small and we can't fit too much in there. There's always several tomato plants and pepper plants and usually some carrots and maybe cilantro and a couple other things. We can't do anything that spreads out, though. Those items have to be planted at Grandpa's house where he has lots of room for zucchini and pumpkins and corn and other things that get tall or need room to spread out. I've got such spring fever and can't wait to get on with spring!!!


  1. lol! Great title.
    We'll have a small garden too but I'm anticipating much better results than at our old place- tiny north-facing patio shaded by too many trees.
    Enjoy the produce from your husband and sons' garden!

  2. My husband is talking about moving ours to the other side of the yard. The spot it's in now is shaded in the hottest part of the day. I'm afraid that will leave us with almost no yard! Love the garden, though.


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