Caprese salad stacked on a stick

I spent a little extra time on a recent shopping trip just roaming around and grabbing some things I may not normally get on a quick run through for the basic staples. And this time I was at Meijer, which I only hit a handful of times each year since it's about a 25 minute ride from home. So I found a lot of things that my regular grocery destinations don't have. Anyway, I grabbed some fresh mozzarella as soon as I saw it and couldn't wait to make a Caprese Salad. I'd seen the stacked presentation online a while back and loved it. I served it with a multi-seed flatbread cracker, which was a nice low-fat crunch to add on the side.

I used 1 Kumato brown tomato
Two slices fresh mozzarella
and drizzled it with olive oil 
and sprinkled some Italian seasoning on top.