Paula Deen Simply Sides: Worth a try on sale

Ok, sorry..the pic isn't rotating for me and I've spend to much time already trying to get it to work, so just turn you head. :) Anyway, I like trying out new things when I hit the supermarket. And it's always nice to find a decent convenience food that you can make in just a few minutes on a busy night. So, when I saw this Paula Deen side in the clearance area of the produce dept. at 75% (because it had hit the "sell by" date), I decided to give it a try. 

At $1.47, I can't complain. It was a tasty side dish that I threw on the table along side a rotisserie chicken and bowl of corn. Of course, it was heavy on the butter, which you'd expect from a Paula Deen dish and I would have cut back on that had I made it at home, but it wouldn't have tasted as good. :)

I never would have paid the full price of over $5, but if I find it on sale again, I'd grab a couple bags to keep in the freezer for hectic days.

One thing I did take away from trying it out is that I have a couple boxes of steam bags in my pantry that I just haven't used. I could easily put some baby reds in one of those with butter and seasoning and then place it in a microwave bowl to recreate this side dish and be able to adjust the butter content.