Tomato and Cucumber Napoleon - Thanks Ming!

I tuned in last week to Simply Ming. Somehow, although he's been on for like nine seasons, it was the first time I saw his show. We cancelled our satellite television a couple months ago to make up for the spike in our property taxes that pushed our mortgage up about $70 a month. Now that we're back to basic free television, I'm discovering some great shows I never saw before. I now have several local digital channels that I never had before and am finding some great cooking shows.

So, back to Ming. He was doing a whole show on different recipes with egg roll wrappers, actually I think he was using them to create Italian inspired dishes. He made a lovely pizza with Italian sausage on an egg roll wrapper. He also made a simple little "salad" - Tomato and Cucumber Napoleon. As I usually do, I didn't follow the recipe to a "t" and modified it a little. I was pleased with the results.

Two egg roll wrappers, lightly browned in oil
1/2 cucumber, cut lengthwise into thin strips
1 tomato, sliced (I used a new Kumato Brown I'd found at the store that day)
2 tblsp pesto
2 tsp Ginger Teriyaki sauce
1/2 cup of alfalfa sprouts
This recipe includes two layers. First place one egg roll wrapper on a plate, place slices of tomatoes on top, then cucumber slices and spread on pesto. 

Add another egg roll wrapper and repeat. Take a cucumber slice and cut into small slivers for garnish, place on top and cover with alfalfa sprouts, drizzle with teriyaki sauce.