If there's a muffler man outside, you've got to give it a try

I love muffler men. If you don't know what a muffler man is, here's a visual:

I've written a couple articles on muffler men in the past. It's pretty interesting to learn how many of these once existed and there are websites dedicated to the few that remain around the country. On a trip to Wisconsin Dells last August, I saw this guy outside and had to eat there. I know it's the middle of winter, but I'm sorting through my online photos and came across this. And it makes me long for warmer days and another trip to the Dells, one of my family's favorite summer vacation spots.

Anyway, the food wasn't spectacular, but it was good. It was a hearty lumberjack-style meal, that included a salad, chicken, ribs, veggies and potato pancakes and a dessert. Don't think it was good enough to pull me back there, but it is a fun place to experience.

There was one place we visited that I would definitely return to. It was Buffalo Phils. I wish I had a visual to go with that, but didn't have one of the part that made me want to go back -- the barbecue chicken pizza. It was awesome!! Probably the best pizza I've had outside of Chicago. I need to try to recreate it at home. It was loaded with Sweet Baby Ray's on a crispy crust. The place is also attached to an arcade and is loads of fun.


  1. That's Paul Bunyan's .....They have one in Minocqua, WI also.....I have been to the Minocqua one and the food was excellent ....Everything is homemade and they have a bakery and a gift shop.....You're right it is a fun place to visit....Northwoods of Wisconsin is a great place to live....Check out the Eagle River area.....Lots of fun things to do with great Supper Clubs and the food anywhere around...We love our little town...


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