That's what friends are for

It's funny how you develop friendships and each plays a role in a different way. There are church friends, club friends, PTA friends, sisters, neighbor friends, old school friends, moms of your kids' friends' friends. One of my dearest friends is Michelle. And she's kinda my foodie friend. Almost every time we get together it is to eat. We used to get together to play tennis on occasion (but we even followed that with food and I really suck at tennis.) But, it's fun to have a friend like that. :) I mean we chat, too. We don't JUST eat. And we went to the movies once to see (don't laugh) - the Justin Beiber movie. And that did involve popcorn.

We've branched out to some lunch spots as of late, but many of our eating dates are for breakfast. And breakfast is usually at Baker's Square for crepes. We're pretty predictable. This is my regular -- Crepes Lorraine with a side of hash browns.

And this is hers. She eats healthier than I do (which would explain why she's also skinnier!) These are her veggie crepes with the Hollandiase sauce on the side and fresh fruit.

And get this, I thought it would be nice to post a pic of Michelle in here, but realized that all the times we've gone out to eat, I've only taken pictures of our food and don't have a single picture of her. :) LOL!!! That means it's time to set up another eating date, doesn't it?


  1. Those look delicious.... foodie friends are so much fun! I used to have a roommate in college, and we would often not see each other all day, until time for dinner at Campus Center... we would eat dinner together. At night, especially during finals week, we would get a group together and go grab taco bell. Because my roommate and our mutual friend were both harpists, their vans didn't have any seats in the back (to fit the harp), so we'd sit in the back of the van on couch cushions to eat Taco Bell. Even today, we only seem to meet at restaurants.

    I think you need to make a new date and take some photos of Michelle, or better, the two of you together! :) Happy eating!

    (P.S. found your blog from the Finding New Friends hop- FUN!)

  2. and now I am super hungry! That looks amazing!

    I am following the blog hop and I am now your latest GFC follower myw1ldcraylife. I hope you can drop by and follow me as well


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