His and hers eggs

My husband and I differ on how we like our eggs. He likes to make his with milk and add all kinds of stuff in. This is a batch he made with yellow peppers, ham, hash browns and freshly ground black pepper. He often adds mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, sausage, steak, garlic salt or other ingredients or seasonings. I really do love his eggs, especially because he first sautees the veggies in butter.

I like an omelet the best. This one wasn't the prettiest, but my regular pan was in use with sausage on it, so I had to use the gigantic one and work with that. 

I don't use milk, only water. I beat it with the eggs and pour it in the pan so that I get a thin layer, flip it and add a little filling. This was a basic one with ham and cheese. Really, both are pretty good. We don't eat eggs for breakfast very often. And I must admit, he is better at making breakfast than I am. I also love when he makes sunny side up for me -- it's a skill I just haven't mastered. And he knows I love to dip toast in them, so he always makes toast to go along with them. Sure beats a bowl of oatmeal any day. :)


  1. My hubbie and I disagree on eggs too...I like them just underdne, a little salt and pepper -- he is ALL about the cheese...is it weird that we have to make seperate batches??


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