Don't you love a pretty little salad?

Salads are one of those dishes -- likes soups or pizzas -- where there really are no rules. You can be creative and do as you please. Creativity often yields tasty results.

Here's what was in this one:

3 lettuces from a package of Artisan Lettuce from Aldi (looked like a butter lettuce variety, a red leaf and not quite sure on the third one, but it's something I see in a lot of mixed green salads. If you can identify that one on top, let me know what it is.)

Some cherry and grape tomatoes from a gourmet tomato medley at Aldi. What a great assortment -- some yellow, town, purple, red and orange and various sized. 

1 "Cutie" mandarin orange
Handful of mushrooms
1 brown Bosco pear, sliced
1 handful chopped walnuts

I meant to throw in some raisins and totally forgot!!!

Tossed it with some Garlic Vinagarette, which again I got at Aldi. The results were quite yummy and very colorful!